Would you like to take control of your personal finances but don’t know where to start?
Do you find personal finances boring and wish you could have some fun with it? Or maybe they are so daunting you don’t even know where to begin.

This book has a unique theme, explaining my philosophy on money and money management. It is different from any other book you’ve read about personal finances. With the challenged economy and changing demography, nobody can afford not to think about their finances and wellbeing. The time that you could exclusively rely on the government or your employer to take care of your pension and health care has disappeared.

Imagine you can get a black belt in managing your money and taking control of your personal finances. The chapters of this book are divided like the color belts in martial arts. In every chapter, you will learn money tips, financial advice, and get closer to the goal of having a good understanding about personal finances.


“This is a great book for those of us without a lot of expertise in finance. Although I’ve always been a relatively good money manager, I have not had a lot of interest in technical details. Alizera’s real-life examples and down-to-earth explanations are an easy read and gave me some new ideas on how to improve my financial outlook. I have passed this along to my daughters who are in their mid-20’s – the earlier you can begin implementing these ideas, the better!”

Janet Wright, M.Ed

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