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New Edition Book Launch Party

book2.jpgOn November 6, 2016 many of my wonderful friends and clients who have supported me over the years attended the new edition book launch party. We also sold many copies and portion of the proceeds were donated to Greater Vancouver Counselling Society.


There are new sections added to the book including interview with Jody Vance, Dr. Ian Lee and Bruce Sellery, Money and relationships, tips about saving on travel costs, money, marriage and divorce.

Social Media Mastery 2016

How can you be in business and not know about social media? For a lot of solo entreprenurs like myself and small businesses having a marketing department which takes care of social media marketing as well is out of reach. So if you have a chance to learn a lot in one day from different major platforms I am sure it would be a great event to attend.

I know I am going to SMMastery this year on June 4 at Vancouver. There are a lot of local familiar faces and names between the speakers. I have known Ricky “Daddy Blogger” Shetty for few years now and am very proud with all the way he has come in such a short time from someone new to social media to a well known spekaer, author and blogger.

I am pretty sure this would be a great netwroking oppotuniry as well. I have benefited from different social media platforms utilizing them for my business and now am looking forward to take my business to the next level.



Interview with author and trainer Wendy McClelland

It was my pleasure to interview the Past Nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, published author and renowned trainer Wendy McClelland. Her answers are nice and short and to the point:

1.What is the best decision you’ve ever made with your personal finances?

To create a budget and stick to it.

2.What is the worst decision you’ve made with your personal finances and what did you learn from it?

I wasn’t tracking expenses and found myself spending much more than I realized.

3.What advice would you give regarding personal finances?

Understand your money and have a plan. Don’t fear it like most do.

You can learn more about Wendy by visiting her website www.wendymcclelland.com

Financial Sensei interviewed by Marketing Mentress

I had a pleasure of being interviewed by one of my favorite people. Christine Till is an expert in marketing and using LinkedIn for business. Christine kindly contributed to my book with her wise and precious experience in her own finances. Here is the podcast:

Financial Sensei interviewed by Marketing Mentress